Following the extension of the ban on large events until September by Norwegian authorities, there will be no Øyafestivalen in 2020.

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Following the extension of the ban on large events until September by Norwegian authorities, there will be no Øyafestivalen in 2020.

Below, we have tried to answer some of the questions you may have, and we will continue to update this page in response to further queries.


Why is Øyafestivalen 2020 cancelled?

Norwegian authorities have banned large events until 1st of September, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Although it is with a heavy heart that we must announce that there will be no Øyafestivalen in 2020, we support the authorities’ decision to put health needs first.


Are my Øyafestivalen 2020 tickets valid for Øyafestivalen 2021?

Yes! Your Øyafestivalen 2020 ticket will automatically be transferred to 2021. You do not need to do anything, but we still encourage everyone to pick up your ticket with the correct date and year via the Ticketmaster App or via your profile at ticketmaster.no.


What are the benefits of retaining my ticket for 2021?

By transferring your tickets to 2021, you will help Øyafestivalen to come back even stronger with a great program for you next year.

You will also be automatically included in the draw of 10 prize packages consisting of NOK 1,000 worth of food and beverages that can be used at the festival, as well as a selection of cool merchandise. The winners will be announced on August 12 2020.

In addition, you get the Øyafestivalen festival experience at the same price as the 2020 ticket cost.


Can I change day on my day ticket?

In principle, your day ticket is valid for the same weekday in 2021. For example: Wednesday ticket 2020 is valid as Wednesday ticket in 2021.

There will be a limited changeover period where you will have the opportunity to change your day ticket from one festival day to another. Before the changeover period starts, day ticket buyers will receive a new e-mail with information on how to proceed to change your ticket.


What do I need to do if I want to refund my ticket? 

The deadline to request a refund is June 30, 2020.
Contact the point of sale where you purchased the ticket. For tickets purchased at ticketmaster.no, please use their contact form. Refund requests are processed as soon as possible, but some extra time should be expected due to a big demand at Ticketmaster for the time being. Ticketmaster refunds the ticket and can answer your practical questions as well.


What if someone else has purchased my ticket or resold it?

Only the person who has purchased the ticket can receive a refund. The amount is refunded to the card used for the purchase.


I bought a youth ticket to Øyafestivalen 2020, but will be over 18 in 2021. What do I do?

and ask for a change to adult ticket for 2021.


When will the Øyafestival 2021 take place?

Øyafestivalen 2021 will be held in Tøyenparken 11-14. August. Club day will be August 10. We look forward to seeing you again!


Will the program be the same in 2021 as it would have been in 2020?

We are working on the programming. Several of the artists from 2020 will be joining us in 2021. Øyafestivalen 2021 will also contain many new and current artists, both small and large.