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Mastodon will finally play Øya

Mastodon is one of the most important rock bands of the past 10 years, and has set new standards with their very own mix of metal, prog, hard rock and psychedelia. The band will play to their loyal Norwegian fans on Thursday 11th of August.

Mastodon (US)

The quartet from Atlanta, Georgia released the fantastic album Once More ‘Round The Sun in 2014. The album is a bit more straightforward than we are are used to from the band, but still they are in a class of their own both as songwriters and musicians. The band has a very loyal fan base in Norway, which among other things has resulted in the last three albums reaching top 10 in the charts.

Spin Magazine: – Their brand of aggression is brainy, technically dazzling and slightly hallucinogenic — metal for people who don’t listen to metal. At the same time, the band is so balls-out creative — in its zealous riffage, its metaphysical motifs, its visual components — that it energizes even the crustiest headbangers.

The memebers met at a High On Fire show. Two of them had just finished a brief run in the cult band Today Is The Day. They quickly discovered a shared interest in hard, brutal and heavy underground rock. Mastodon’s first album was Remission from 2002. Their following grew with the concept albums Leviathan (2004), Blood Mountain (2006), Crack The Skye (2009) and The Hunter (2011). Mastodon are now one of the most important and influential bands in hard and heavy rock.

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