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New tent stage at Øya

Hi-Fi Klubben will be full of exciting eletronic music!

First artists for Hi-Fi Klubben

DAPHNI (CA) – Thursday 13th of Aug
PHARMAKON (US) – Saturday 15th of Aug
BJØRN TORSKE – Saturday 15 of Aug

This year we are expanding our collaboration with main sponsor Hi-Fi Klubben in a way that will give the Øya audience even more music. Hi-Fi Klubben will deliver what we suspect it one of the greatest PA-systems in the world, and we are going to use it on a new stage that will be called Hi-Fi Klubben.

The system is made by Bowers & Wilkins, world class producer of loudspeakers and among else famous for delivering speakers to Abbey Road studios. The first four artists are already booked. In addition the stage will house interviews with profiled artists from the festival line up, focusing on the experience of sound. The new tent stage will have a capacity of 800 music loving people. We are very pleased that Hi-Fi Klubben gives us this opportunity to give the Øya audience world class sound experiences with exciting electronica artists.

Bowers & Wilkins has only made one set of this system, and it´s especially well suited for digital sounds, so the programming will focus on a wide selection of electronic music – from the very danceable to hard noise music. This will not affect the diversity of the program in total, but provides more room for organic pop and rock on the other stages.

After last years great success we have now expanded our capacity and the amount of week passes a little bit. In other words we´ve had a record breaking sales of week passes so far. The collaboration with Hi-Fi Klubben enables the expansion of the festival area further onto Caltex-løkka, the football field next to Tøyenparken. It´s now well below 1000 week passes left for Øyafestivalen.

photo: Isak Frøseth

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