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The Julie Ruin

After last year's cancellation, Kathleen Hanna's new band are coming to Øya!

Kathleen Hanna has fronted the punk band Bikini Kill and the dance punk pop trio Le Tigre. In august her new band The Julie Ruin will play Øya. Their debut album Run Fast was released in 2013, and has a lot of the elements we love from Hanna’s former bands. Plenty of raw and catchy rock, combined with playful pop.

Exclaim! described the album as: – … crunchy riffs, bombastic organs and stomping beats that redefine the sounds of the past, bringing them into a crisp, new light.

The Punk Singer, a documentary about Kathleen Hanna, was shown at Øyakino last year. We recommend that you see it, buy the album Run Fast by The Julie Ruin and show up for their concert in Tøyenparken in August.

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