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Father John Misty will play Øya

In February Father John Misty will release his second album, named I Love You, Honey Bear. In august he will be back in Oslo, for Øya.

His gig in Oslo back in 2012 is one of the most memorable concerts in recent years. Josh Tillman, his real name, is a true entertainer, that balances between soft rock, country songs and a being a modern crooner.

The new album is, like the debut, produced by Jonathan Wilson. Father John Misty has revealed that it will contain mariachi, ragtime jazz, soul and much more. Sources of inspiration are supposed to be people like Harry Nilsson, Kurt Vonnegut, Scott Walker and Muhammad Ali.

After the release of the debut album Fear Fun in 2012 AV Club wrote: -Imagine an angel being cast out of heaven to live a profoundly weird life in Laurel Canyon with nothing but a stack of Neil Young and Harry Nilsson LPs to guide him. That sums up the aesthetic, and the appeal, of Fear Fun.

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