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Bryan Ferry at Øya Saturday 9th of August

Bryan Ferry plays our main stage the same day as Todd Terje

On Saturday 9th of August, Bryan Ferry will play Øya’s main stage. He has just collaborated with that day’s headliner, Todd Terje, on a version of Robert Palmer’s song Johnny and Mary. Bryan Ferry is coming to Oslo with his new show, which includes songs from just about his entire career.

Bryan Ferry is one of the great legends in pop history. He has enjoyed tremendous success as lead singer of Roxy Music and has released an impressive number of good solo albums. Ferry is a style icon that makes sophisticated rock and arty pop. He is both a strong songwriter and an extraordinary interpreter of other people’s music.
He will play the festival’s main stage, just before Todd Terje. These two just collaborated on the latter’s new album It’s Album Time, where they interpret Johnny and Mary, originally a song by Robert Palmer. said this about his album Olympia from 2010 : – … it ‘s unruffled and casually elegant , its pleasing familiarity reflecting the persistence of an old master honing his craft.
All of Roxy Music’s albums from the 70’s and early 80’s reached the top ten in the UK, a success that few bands can match. Eight of his solo albums have done the same. Albums like Avalon (Roxy Music, 1982), Boys and Girls (1985)  and Frantic (2002) have also done very well in Norway. From the glam rock of the first to the current status as one of pop’s most stylish veterans, Ferry has never really been out of touch with the times.

His new show will debut to a large audience at Coachella in California this spring. In August, it hits Tøyenparken.

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