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Mayhem’s 30th anniversary at Øya

This spring Mayhem will release new music for the first time in seven years and in August they will play Øya.

Black metal legends Mayhem will play their 30th anniversary show at Øya Festival on Friday 8th of August. This year they will release a new album for the first time since Ordo Ad Chao from 2007. 2014 is shaping up to be a big year for the band, and you should not miss this concert.

This spring Mayhem will release new music for the first time in seven years. It is 30 years since the band started. The band history is marked by drama and mystery, and they have managed to keep their position as pioneers and developers of the black metal style in a unique way. Several of their releases are among the milestones of extreme metal. The band has loyal fans worldwide, and are considered one of the greatest sources of inspiration for modern extreme music. Several bands have called themselves the world’s biggest cult band, but we wonder if the description fits Mayhem best. Last time the band played at Øya Festival, in 2008, many international artists in various genres were stoked to share the bill with Mayhem. People still talk about that concert today.

Before the summer Mayhem will release a new album. The single Psywar will be out in April, but is already available online. They haven’t played a lot of concerts in Norway in recent years, so there are many who hunger for a dose of Mayhem. At the moment the band are very secretive about what the anniversary concert will be like. As you may know, any Mayhem concert is something out of the ordinary. This will not be any less spectacular. wrote this about the 20 year old classic De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas: -Essentially, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is one of a kind, it’s beyond comparison, and it’s one of the genre’s most fundamental albums and stands as a monument to Norwegian Black Metal

…or as Last Rites wrote about their last album: – Ordo Ad Chao is an outstanding exhibition of skill, mood, and ferocity, and is a most refreshingly torrid, unapologetically oppressive album that surpassed all expectations. Phenomenal.

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