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Rodriguez has reached a large audience internationally after the success of the documentary Searching For Sugar Man. Thursday the 8th of August he plays in the park during The Øya Festival. This will be his first visit to Norway and his only concert in Scandinavia this summer.


The documentary Searching For Sugar Man has become a huge international success. The story is about the musician Sixto Rodriguez, who released a couple of very good albums in the 70’s. They sold unfortunately close to nothing in the US and Rodriguez put his career on hold.

Rodriguez’s story is unique. We highly recommend that you see the movie Searching For Sugar Man yourself. Here you will meet the personality, family man and the wonderful songwriter Sixto Rodriguez. Many years after he ended his music career, he found an enthusiastic audience he had no idea that existed. With the movie about this touching story, he has reached a huge audience in many parts of the world. He is now playing bigger and bigger venues in Europe and the USA. It is a pleasure to announce that his only concert in Scandinavia this summer, will be at The Øya Festival.

If you need a musical introduction, you might as well start with the film’s soundtrack. We are looking forward to hearing songs like Sugar Man, Crucify Your Mind, Cause and all the other gems in the park on Thursday 8th of August.

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