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The Øya Festival is sold out – Jessie Ware plays Saturday

Yesterday, the ticket office sold the last tickets to The Øya Festival 2012. This means we sold out in record time. 15,000 people are looking forward to each of the four days in the Medieval Park, and a lot of club shows during the festival week. We cannot wait to get started about six weeks.

A new British pop talent is ready for the Medieval Park. London artist Jessie Ware is releasing his debut album shortly after her visit to Oslo. She plays on Saturday 11th of August, the same day as her former partners in SBTRKT.

2012 promises to be Jessie Wares big year. The British first worked with SBTRKT, Sampha and the Joker, but has since spring released her own singles. The first, Running, is R&B-influenced sophistipop of the best kind. Some compared her to to Sade, and others to Feist’s first album. The follow-up 110% and the brand new Wildest Moments has followed in great style. All three songs are samples from the forthcoming debut album Devotion, with release scheduled for the Monday after the Øya.

Ware’s first musical interest was classical and jazz, but she later discovered soul, electronica and RnB. She’s into the sounds from the 80’s and you can hear traces of Whitney Houston and Grace Jones in the music. About the upcoming album, she said this to Pitchfork:
– … The album feels slightly rough around the edges to me. I do not want it to be polished. It’s got little bits and bobs of everything I love: soul, hip-hop, R & B.

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