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Nighttime Øya at Rockefeller and John Dee

Wednesday 8th of August – John Dee – Nighttime Øya
Bowerbirds (US) +  Therese Aune
Tickets NOK 125, – + fee with festival pass, NOK 175, – + fee without a festival pass
With Bowerbirds on stage, you are guaranteed a nice, relaxed evening with lovely indie folk. Therese Aune plays atmospheric dream pop with powerful and raw vocals.


Thursday 9th of August – John Dee – Nighttime Øya
Hymns From Nineveh (DK) + Maribel
Tickets NOK 125, – + fee with festival pass, NOK 175, – + fee without a festival pass
Jonas Petersen sings with melancholy and of faith, doubt, hope and love. The Dane has been doing this solo project since 2007 and has played gigs all over Europe in prisons, theaters, churches, clubs and bars. In Norway, he impressed audiences and reviewers during by:Larm this year, so expectations are high for this concert. Oslo-based Maribel released the critically acclaimed album “Aesthetics” in 2009, where they mixed shoegaze with dirty garage rock. The new album “Reveries” is out soon.


Friday 10th of August – John Dee – Nighttime Øya
Fire Walk With Me and Metal Hammer Norway presents: Entombed (SE) + Lakei
Tickets NOK 200, – + fee with festival pass NOK 250, – + fee without a festival pass
This band is legendary! Entombed knocked out the metal fans all over the world, when they in 1990 released their groundbreaking debut album, Left Hand Path. Since then, Entombed has been one of Europe’s most hard-working, hard-hitting, hardcore and stubborn suppliers of quality branded death metal. Entombed, one of Scandinavia’s best band! No, forget it … Entombed is one of the best bands in the world!

Metal Hammer UK wrote this about Lakei’s first album Konspirasjoner:

–        Lakei have managed to capture both the immediate, snot and spit-expectoracting angst of the true punk scene as well as a punishing, ominously relentless sense of dread. 8/10


Friday 10th of August – Rockefeller – Nighttime Øya
Invasionen (SE)
Tickets NOK 150, – + fee with festival pass NOK 200, – + fee without a festival pass
Invasionen is Dennis Lyxzén other band. Their second album ” Saker Som Jag Sagt Till Natten” has received critical acclaim. Lyxzén is best known as frontman of the legendary hardcore band Refused. Invasionen’s sound is rooted in both krautrock and post punk.


Friday 10th of August – Leiligheten – Nighttime Øya

Get Ready

Tickets NOK 50, –
DJs Jan O., Count Dragon and Stavanger-Thomas is ready with the best singles Jamaica has to offer: ska, rock steady and early reggae.


Nighttime Øya are concerts and club concepts around the city center after the Medieval Park closes at 23.00. This is an excellent opportunity to hang on to that great festival feeling and bring it along to the city. Nighttime Øya is arranged in cooperation with the best organizers and clubs in Oslo. Due to varying conditions and the need for organizers to get these gigs/ club concepts to go round, it is not possible to include Nighttime Øya in the festival pass. A valid Øya ticket for the day of the event (or a full festival pass) offers discounts at Nighttime Øya.


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