Øya kåret til verdens grønneste festival

Vant International Greener Festival Award og AGF Circular Festival Award (for reduced waste & resourcefulness)

Green Events & Innovation Conference 2020
Photo: AMMP/Bogdan Maran


I kveld ble A Greener Festival Awards 2019 arrangert i London, og Øyafestivalen vant to av de høythengende prisene. Både hovedprisen International Greener Festival Award og AGF Circular Festival Award (for reduced waste & resourcefulness) ble tildelt Øyafestivalen for vårt arbeid med å lage bærekraftig festival. Dette er en enorm inspirasjon til videre miljøarbeid og bærekraftig festivalutvikling.

Miljøsjef Mia Frogner var til stede under utdelingen: – Dette er et resultat av samarbeid mellom alle som jobber med festivalen, partnere, leverandører og Oslo by. Vi har oppnådd dette ved å tro på at vi kan få til ting som virker umulig. Stor takk til vår samarbeidspartner Natur & Ungdom, og Øyas baravdeling for den fantastiske jobben med gjenbruksglass, som bidro til at det var mulig å vinne AGF Circular Festival Award i tillegg til hovedprisen.



Not for Profit organisation A Greener Festival have announced the shortlists for the 2nd International AGF Awards which shines a light on the leading festivals striving to reduce waste and emissions, and enhance equality and ecosystems. Awards are given across 10 important sustainability categories, including the top accolade of the International Greener Festival Award 2020.

Nominees are selected from those certified by A Greener Festival following a detailed environmental assessment, site visits and post show analysis by trained sustainable event auditors. To enter the awards it is necessary for events to apply for an assessment and to provide evidence such as fuel or electricity and water usage, waste transfer notes, transport measurements, procurements policies and traceability, and survey data. This process was undergone by festivals from 18 countries over 5 continents in the past 12months.



International Greener Festival Award
Øya festival in Oslo has been pioneers and passionate drivers in the green event space since their dedicated environmental actions began in 2002. This has gradually grown to be an integrated space of management, manifested in sustainable food experiences, a green purchasing policy, fossil-free transportation, emission reductions, and sophisticated resource management. The organisational focus draws on experience and competent external partners to achieve pioneering new standards for environmental festival management. Øya has gained national recognition as a special festival of expertise and willingly shares the experience with other festivals – locally and abroad. In 2004 it contributed to making a festival specific criteria for the national Eco-lighthouse certification, and a guide book to environmental outdoor events, revised in 2017. Øya were one of the first festivals to speak at GEI back in around 2008 and have been Outstanding award winners in the Greener Festival Awards for over 10 years.

AGF Circular Festival Award
18k cap Øya Festival is a non-camping urban event in Oslo, Norway. Most of their signage and decor is designed to be reused year on year. Reusable cups are used (and reused!) and refillable bottles are provided to volunteers and crew. The festival continues to reduce the weight of materials that are not reused, and these are meticulously sorted and separated into 15 fractions for maximum recycling. Used cooking oil from caterers is used as fuel in a tour van. Coffee grinds are used by a local business to us in bars of soap. The heat from the sewage works process is used to warm buildings in Oslo.